Really Simple Sticky

I just recently feel the need of creating a simple sticky that always was availeble in my browser. Thoughts, reminders etc.  You can find the extension Really Simple Sticky at mozilla´s homepage

Really simple sticky is a small extension where you can add notes, reminders directly in your browser. The note is stored localy in your browser.

Please submit feedback using the comments.


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41 kommentarer till Really Simple Sticky

  1. plebraly skriver:

    It would be nice for me if you could make a port to the beta version, widely used by firefox power users.

  2. Thanks for the feedback! I made a update yesterday so that the add-on will install on 3.5.* versions

  3. Warfang skriver:

    I like the idea of sticky notes, but I think this add-on could use some changes and improvements. First off, consolidate the design of the sticky notes, making them resizable (and movable) boxes. You could also allow for customization of the font, opacity of the sticky, etc. in the options panel. I’d also like to see the options of ”Stick to this page” and ”Stick to browser” or something like that.

  4. BbBrox skriver:

    Good idea. Firefox was missing a persistent note add-on with *local* storage since the beautiful extension Internote of Tim Horton. You should take a look at the Internote code to see if there are things that — with proper acknowledgement — can be ported to yours. After all, Mozilla is a communal effort where each ”generation” of contributors often stands on the shoulders of the prior one.

    Internote is at the URL


  5. sol skriver:

    I really like this extension. I’d love if it would somehow indicate if there is a note for a given web page (e. g. changing the scratchpad icon to indicate this).

  6. Sharon Godwin skriver:

    I hope this is posted in the right place as I can not understand the language.

    I downloaded your Really Simple Sticky into Firefox, but it is not on my toolbar.
    It shows up in add-ons, but the ‘Option’ button is grayed out.
    My Firefox is updated to 3.5.

    Hope you can help as I love the Stickies and really do want to use them.
    Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

    • Hi,

      I noticed that when i upgraded some firefox extensions i already had installed they ”colided” with Really Simple Sticky thats probably why the icon dont show up in the statusbar.

      When i reinstalled some of the extensions it started to work. I will double check my code to see if there is something wrong that cuases this to happen.

  7. sijiazhao skriver:

    I really like this add-on because I am a forgetful person, espcially when im watching some episodes of videos or something.
    However, I found that the font colour white and the background of the sticky yellow, to be too non-contrasting. Thus, it is almost impossible to read the note without highlighting it first.
    I’ve tried very long to look for the preferences to adjust it, but couldn’t find it, and the options buttons in the add-on menu is un-clickable too.
    I hope there is a solution to this problem?

  8. anup skriver:


    Thank you so much for contributing a really useful tool.

    ~ anup

  9. manny skriver:

    I could not get this to work for me. The ”options” button in Add-ons is disabled. I am also using: Cooliris, CoolPreviews, & NoScript. This is a good idea. Wish I could get it to work.

  10. Arnaud skriver:

    Hey, thank you for this add-on !

    It is exactly what I was looking for 🙂

  11. JJ skriver:

    Hi, i tried a lot of notes extensions. I wanted something simple and fast to use. Your extension is great. Thanks.
    Its better than Evernote, NetNotes and ScrapeBook who had a lot of functions but time waster
    What extensions you have in the status bar? (from the pic:

  12. anselm skriver:

    I was happy to find this because I thought it was a replacement for Internote where I could add notes to specific websites.

    You could put a note of any size at any position of a webpage and next time you visited the site, the note was there.

    I would want this back.

    Additionally to the options (size, color, font type + color) of Internote, I would also like those arrow-shaped notes so I can point myself to something specific on a webpage.

  13. Pelle Söderberg skriver:


    Finns det någon möjlighet att få Tv-guide till Firefox 3.5?


  14. bojames skriver:

    Can you add the function to have the icon appear on the NAVIGATION bar and not just the STATUS bar?

    Many of us do not need or use the status bar, and so we can’t access your great Really Simple Sticky icon to launch it. Please make the program launch either off of an icon on the navigation bar or perhaps through a right-click submenu.


  15. I’m sorry. I don’t have any complaints. It is EXACTLY what I wanted! Simple, quick, and, hopefully, in my case, effective! GREAT job! Coding is like magic to me. Best left to magikers… Thanks for making it available.

  16. Ping: 123beta

  17. Marta skriver:

    Thank you for this great add-on!
    My suggestion:
    I would like to be able to make the note pop up on a specific day (like every Friday, for example) or hour.

    Marta, Poland

  18. HowardG skriver:

    Hi – Really Simple Sticky is perfect!

    It does EXACTLY what the name says! That is rare these days. Many, many sticky notes are are out there with a multitude of ‘features’. I use another attached to my desktop for different reasons.

    Really Simple Sticky is the one used most because I can get to it instantly to keep ideas or brainstorms (BEFORE they leave my brain in a nanosecond) and then keep working (producing films, writing screenplays and editing) without having to close or minimise the app. I always have (too) many simultaneous thoughts. Unique ideas are the most valuable currnency in my world. Now we don’t lose them!

    R-S-S minimises to the ergonomically most-easily-accessable position (for us right-handers), is easy to read and the visual metaphor is perfect.

    Why anyone wants significantly differing features is beyond understanding. They exist elsewhere. R-S-S does what it does exactly… perfectly!

    However – perhaps a couple of small developments may be – a HotKey combo (I don’t like taking my hands off keys when working)?
    – (auto) saving to a file for backup?

    Thank you for the refreshing simplicity!

    Regards – Howard
    Melbourne AU

    • Thanx for the Feedback Howard.

      Ive just released a new version of the plugin.

      You can now use the hotkey comb: CTRL + SHIFT + K (then use the TAB key to star writing directly)

      I think the fileexport ide was very good, i will consider that in the next update!

      • HowardG skriver:

        Beautiful thank you for the addition and so quick!
        I just upgraded. The combination makes for very fluid fingers.

        Regards – Howard

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  20. Butch skriver:

    When will ‘Sticky’ be updated for Firefox 3.6? I’m really messing it…

  21. Ping: Firefox 3.6 update « Firefox tillägg – utvalda extensions

  22. p.s. skriver:

    hello, i like the concept. really simple and does its job 🙂 the very nice feature would be however the option to temporarily turn-off the auto-disappearing of the note and making it semi-transparent to be able to work with with it while digging through the tabs. also to move the note around the browser window could make it even more usable. regards!

    • Thats two really good idea´s! i havent figured out how to move the note yet… but i´ll digg deeper into that when i have the time! trasparent shouldnt be that difficualt, ill check that out.

      Thanx for the feedbak!

  23. mac skriver:

    Hi, works fine as designed 🙂
    Did you try Mozilla weave, to sync bookmarks etc. ?
    Is it possible to sync the stiky-text ?
    Maybe your addon is the first one supporting weave :-))

  24. Ashf skriver:

    Can you add an option to turn the words into black since gray is hard to see against a yellow background?

  25. Hans skriver:

    The idea of sticky notes is great, but It could be better I think. Some improvements are already mentioned. Like making them resizable (and movable). Opacity of the sticky is a good idea as well. , etc. in the options panel. I’d also like to see the options of ”Stick to this page” and ”Stick to browser” or something like that. The moving around is a good idea too. I now use the sticky notes on my desktop, they have all thee mentioned. But, I have to ”call” them to get them on top. So when you can achieve yours to stay on top, connected to a given page, that would be very interesting. Are you still working on it? Because it looks a bit silent?
    Hans [7mtrs below sealevel 🙂 ]

  26. Katelynn skriver:

    Hi! I’ve been using your Sticky since it first came out – think I was the first to comment on it 🙂
    My Fx profile messed up today, and my latest backups aren’t working. I know that the sticky text was stored locally in the browser, but do you have the file name? I am hoping it’s somewhere in a backup and and I can somehow restore the text I had in my sticky! Don’t know if you’re still monitoring this blog – but hope you can help me! Thanks, Kate

  27. Aylin Cimilli skriver:

    I love the idea but I can’t make the sticky disappear with the keyboard shortcut…it does not work. My partner said it is because it is using the same combination as something else… I cant remember what…

    So it would be good to be abe to customise/change the keyboard shortcut,



  28. Fred Arnicar skriver:

    I cannot find the icon anywhere! Please help. Sorry, I understand only English.


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